Italics and its usage done in the Bibliography

The bibliography is a list of all those sources that are used in writing your work, comprised of one page or more than one depending on the written material. There are two kinds of formats used in the Bibliography, Italics and quotation marks. It depends on the publication kind, whether it is a book, pamphlet, brochure, journal, magazine or any other anthology, it is cited either with quotation marks or in Italics.  MLA (Modern Language Association) is setting the standards of formatting of many publications throughout the world and is also recommended by APA. There is a standard that has been set for citing references, which is that the title of a book, subtitle, and series information are in italics. This article will give you the information about the formats used in bibliographies.

Most of the time, the book name, title of a novel, drama, movie or such kind of stuff is written in italics. A title is italicized as when there is a need to show the individuality of some stuff.  It may consist of the titles of novels, magazines, films, plays, journals, films, anthologies and television shows. The title of something to make it more prominent is always written in the Italics. When you read any article, the title is Italicized and its sub headings are in the quotation marks.

Formats are different for books, research paper, magazines, web and encyclopedias. Listed below are some examples;

The format used for Magazine & Newspaper Articles is:
First of all

Author’s last name with (,) sign and then the first name of the Author. In inverted commas mention the tile name of the Magazine or Newspaper article. After that, do write the date when it’s published with a colon (:) sign. In the end, do mention the numbers of the pages of the magazine and newspaper.

The format used for Books is:

Author’s last name with (,) sign and then the first name of the Author. In ITALICS mention the tile name of the book. After that, do write the name of the city where it’s published with colon (:) sign. In the end, do mention the company name, date and the year of publication.

The format used for Encyclopedia & Dictionary is:

Author ’s last name with (,) sign and then first name of the Author. Write down the Encyclopedia name in ITALICS and then date.

The format used for Website or Webpage is:

Author’s last name with (,) sign and then the first name of the Author. In ITALICS mention the tile name of the website and editor, if available. After that mention the date and name of the sponsoring institution with <URL>.

Underlining is similar to italicizing in the bibliography. They have the same purpose to highlight the title. On the other hand, the perspective is different while using these formats, like if you are writing a bibliography by hand, there is no need to use the italics format there, you can underline there instead.  But whenever you are typing in a word document, do use Italics in your bibliography.

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