Concept essay: The art of describing your experiences

Concept essay provides unlimited ways for discovering new ideas. It provides ground for writing about your personal experience and your knowledge with rich examples. The use of creative words can make your essay stand out and make it worth reading and can give reader a memorable experience.

The purpose of writing a concept essay is to clarify a certain idea to the reader, not to influence it. Your job is to completely define the topic of your essay so it can be understood.

Before writing, it will be feasible, to write a pre-up, after writing pre-up, construct an attention-grabbing introduction, divide the body into paragraphs and in the end write a conclusion which has both logic and vague.

Following are a few tips on how to write a good concept for professional college research paper:


  1. Do not think about those topics that have objective meaning because it will be difficult for you to work with them as you will have very minute details to write on.
  2. Select the concept that you feel confident about and can explain it easily with creative examples.
  3. Use the terms that are naturally subjective such as “love”, “friendship”, “betrayal”,  these terms are abstract in nature and a lot can be written on it, you can explain these concepts with the help of your personal experiences.
  4. Once you have selected the topic, then do research on it, read all the theories and materials related to it. It will give an edge to your writing.
  5. Start your essay with a story that sets the tone and gives the real meaning of your essay. Like all beginnings, it should be interesting and grab attention of the reader.
  6. The concept essay should have both rational and personal point of view. Keep in mind that you are mainly describing the concept by your understanding. An essay written on ‘love’ will grab more attention of the audience if it said, “She remembered her  ‘moments’ when a single ‘yes’ or ‘no’ can change one’s life forever, she tried to memorize her last week when she had found her love yet again and then lost him.”
  7. Do not get diverted from your concept, maintain focus, like in the above example.
  8. The conclusion of your concept essay should redefine your idea and summarize the knowledge that you have given in the body and it should be well written, that gives the reader to wonder about the idea.


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