Four tips to improve your learning

Students have different philosophies and techniques that they find useful in helping them learn their courses in an efficient manner. There is no hard and fast rule related to different practices that can be done to improve and enhance your learning methods. However, what is important is the fact that the learning techniques should be efficient and smart without wasting a lot of student’s energy and time. The reason for this is the fact that as students advance in their modern academic world, it brings a lot of pressure on them to read courses from various reading materials and they cannot possibly memorize each and every book or word within them.

So having a technique to understand the course material, college paper and concepts in an effective manner is what plays a key role in identifying the good learning strategy. Students spend their days and nights in revisions yet the results are not promising this is because their learning mechanism and approach is not so good.  Today’s academic blog will be highlighting four amazing and easy tips to emphasize on your coursework and improve or enhance your learning.

Underlining important concepts

In the modern academic world, most learning is done through reading via presentations on computers and documents. However, if you still prefer to read through printed material then underlining technique is still the most effective way of enhanced learning. Usually gone under the shadow of heavier learning techniques, underlining words and concepts as you study helps you learn better by two ways. One, it points out an important concept or a definition, where you can quickly revise once it’s underlined. Secondly, it makes you focus more on that concept and learn it with double the concentration.

Making personal study notes

Another important technique to improve your learning and be quick with understanding and memorizing concepts is to make your own notes. Making own notes allows you to double your revision and focus on learning as you write. For example, you can read a certain concept or a chapter and then sit down to make an important summary in the form of notes from what you remember. Then you can verify your notes with the information. This way you can also judge how much you have learnt by reading once and how much time you need to spend on reading further.


Listening is one of the great forms of learning; many students record their lectures or find tutorials to listen to when they sit down to revise. Listening helps you digest information quickly and sometimes strongly compared to reading.

Sample tests and case studies

To best improve on your learning techniques and to ensure that you have the grip on what you are reading, then start solving sample tests. Sample tests and case studies provide you the best examples of what you should be expecting in your assignments or examinations and how exactly should you be approaching that question. It also allows you to better understand where you stand and how will you perform if given an exam like situation.

Apart from the above mentioned techniques, you can also adopt other ways that you find beneficial for yourself like re-writing everything that you read or study in order to memorize it easily or taking help from seniors or friends for understanding different concepts etc. Also be attentive and focused while reading and studying.


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