Plot Symbolism: The toughest and trickiest essay to write

There are two main aspects of literature “plot and symbolism”. These two factors help to elevate the piece of every literature as a whole. It is compulsory for college professors to make their students write a plot symbolism essay on any historical literary work. Creative writing and English major students are also continually asked to write such type of essays. It is very important to fully understand the story when writing down this type of essay. Picking out the symbolism in the story is the toughest and trickiest task. For this a deep understanding of the setting and characters is required in order to create a plot. Following are the few steps of identifying the symbolism:

Step:1 Be clear about the definition of plot and symbolism. These two are different tools that are mainly used in writing fiction stories. The plot is determined through the series of events and actions of the characters, whereas symbolism is a mechanism of recurring of either words or characters.

Step:2 Get a clear idea of the story. In order to know the characters and setting fully read the story thoroughly because without clear reading you might for instance miss the symbolism contained in the story.

Step:3 Try to note down the words and phrases that are mentioned repeatedly in the story. Determine the meanings of those words and phrases to distill symbolism in a story.

Step:4 Relate the symbolic level meanings to the existing storyline characters. Once this is figured out, then work on building relationship in the ongoing action of the story.

Step:5 Lastly, make sure that the symbolism is consistent with the story’s characters and setting, i.e. symbolism compliments with the plot of the story. In other words, the symbolism shouldn’t be in conflict with the plot.

Now, finally, while writing down your college essay, start with the description of how the symbolic meaning is conveyed through the existing storyline, characters and setting. Secondly, define in your essay all the symbolic images, words and phrases that are used in the story. Then relate all of them with the story line in order to conclude your argument. You can also provide references of different examples as your evidence. In the end, give your critique about the effectiveness of symbolism on the basis of consistency analysis. Also, include different examples from the story in your analysis. The sites that write essays won’t be of much help here, hence rely on your ownself!


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