If you do not like our work, then here is our refund policy to get a refund!

Our refund policy is hundred percent valid. You have nothing to worry about. In case you don’t like our work then you can always say so.We offer a partial reimbursement. If you expect a hundred percent refund, then we are sorry to inform you that is not possible. Regardless of your rejection, our writers do put in effort and resources into writing for you. They deserve to get some share for their hard work. There are some conditions, of course that should be met in order to make a refund claim. If any of the following situations occur, then feel free to claim a refund, you will be reimbursed accordingly.
• In case the work is not submitted on time, but is submitted after the deadline has been crossed.
• If the work submitted is plagiarized or is in any way incomplete.
• If the terms set by the client are not met by the draft that is submitted.
• When you have requested a revision and yet it is incomplete and with grammatical errors.
• When you contact the staff via chat, phone or email and you are not given any response.